Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our New Blog!! And 50000 Visits!!

This week we settle on a name for our homestead! The northern part of Maine were we live is simply referred to as "the county" throughout the state. It seemed only fitting that our homestead and our new blog be called:
Visit our new blog HERE and sign up to follow along on our facebook page HERE
  We will use our new blog to continue to share about building our log home and homesteading off grid without debt and hope you all will join us to follow along with the journey!!
It seems only fitting that as we get ready to move away from Our Debt Free Path that today we reached 50000 visits!!
Bless you all for your encouragement and support for our family. Sharing our journey has been such a beautiful Blessing and we hope in all we do we bring honor and Glory to the One that makes it all possible.
In Yeshua, Shalom~
Goose and Gillian

Saturday, February 21, 2015

208 New Testament Bible Verses Proving We Are To Keep Torah

There are more than 208 of course but its a good start. The false teaching that is so prevalent in todays modern churches that we no longer need to even try to keep the law is keeping many from the narrow road. Keeping the Law isn't about salvation, that is only through Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew). We are to obey out of love. 
Open you Bible and read it as you would any book...
 front to back.
Watch this teaching, test all you hear and pray for Truth.
Shabbat Shalom~ Goose and Gillian

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hebrew Roots - What about Paul?

When we as humans decide there is something we don't want to do we are all really good at seeing what we want to see:
An out even when there isn't one there.
Paul was among the wisest Pharasees of the time. Even Peter warns that Pauls teachings are hard to understand and warns us not to misinterpret.
Paul upheld Yahweh's Law throughout the New Testament. The vow he took and the fact that he kept the feast days are just two of the many instances that make it clear that he upheld the laws of the Torah. And if we take an honest look at his words and not try to read into it what isn't there (an out) we can clearly see that Paul is NOT contradicting Yahweh nor Yeshua in their instructions to keep the law (Torah) not for salvation but for obedience out of love.
The problem is we need to take an honest look at Pauls words, in context, allowing the Bible to interpret itself .. Be very careful not to follow the teachings of the modern day religious. Blindly following the Blind will only lead you into the ditch.
So pray to the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and ask for wisdom, open you Bible and be prepared to test all you have been taught.
 Watch the 4 teachings below by men who belong to the Hebrew Roots / Torah Keeping movement and run the 119 Ministry.. But don't just take their word for it. As they say in most all their videos:
Test everything.
Goose and Gillian

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our Favorite Teaching Videos

As we come across more and more teachings from those who follow Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew), and do as He did (as well as His disciples (including Paul))in following the Torah, we are finding an overflow of wisdom and Truth. So many things that didnt add up for us in modern day churches comes together when we look at the whole Bible. The New as well as the Old Testament.

As we have shared our testimony we have said over and over when we follow the Lords instructions He Blesses it. Getting out of debt, submission, modesty, head covering, adoption, clean/unclean foods and on.. Recently we have added Tzitzits, observing the Biblical Sabbath (Saturday), feasts and Holy days. We obey His commandments out of love and the joy of seeing the Blessings of His Word, it is not a salvation issue.
If you aren't familiar with the Hebrew Roots movement see our post here first.
When we look to the Bible to interpret itself. When we no longer take mans word, but look only to His Word by testing all we are taught by holding it to Scripture, then the scales fall from our eyes.
There are many teachings out there but below are some of our favorites. We are on a journey and learning all we can about our Heavenly Father, His only Begotten Son and the Holy Sprit. We will never stop learning but we hope to share our learning journey for others who are on a similar path.
Pray for wisdom, open your Bible and be prepared to test all you have ever been taught in man made religion.
Who is Israel?
Who are the Lost Sheep?

What about Paul's teachings?
What should the structure of Yeshua's Church look like? Should we have one man (pastor/priest) leading a church gathering?
Why doesn't the Bible talk about Christmas, Valentines and Easter? And where did these celebrations come from? Should we celebrate them?
What about Acts 15?  Obedience or Legalism?
When was the real Sabbath and why was it changed? Who changed it and should we still adhere to the Sabbath instructions?
..and an awesome moment when Jim Staley debated a modern day pastor on adherence to the Sabbath!
What are Tzitzits? Should woman wear them?
Should woman head cover? Should they cover all the time?
 What does it look like to be a Hebrew Roots Torah Keeping Yeshua follower?
Goose and Gillian

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hebrew Roots Movement / Torah Keepers / Commandment Keepers

We have said before we don't follow any religion. Honestly even the title Christian has come to mean almost anything now days..
We believe in our Heavenly Father Yahweh (Hebrew for God), the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we are followers of His only begotten Son Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus) of Nazareth and filled with His Holy Spirit. Saved by grace through Faith. And choosing to be obedient to His commandments out of love and seeing all Scripture as profitable, including the Old Testament.
Recently we have heard a lot about the Hebrew Roots movement, also called the Torah Keepers or Commandment Keepers. It seems that so many other people are walking away from modern day churches that the church leaders are preaching against this teaching and referring to it as a false doctrine or cult.

 We decided to look into this movement for ourselves.
From what we understand...
 They believe in our Heavenly Father Yahweh, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they are followers of His only begotten Son Yeshua of Nazareth and are filled with His Holy Spirit. They are saved by grace through Faith. And choosing to be obedient to His commandments out of love and seeing all Scripture as profitable...
 including the first 5 books of the Old Testament referred to in Hebrew as the "Torah" translated "Instructions".

 We would encourage anyone to really research the Hebrew Roots movement and learn the Truth about those who are on this path. Sadly today most Christians know very little about the Old Testament..

They never question why the apostles still kept the feast days, what doctrine Jesus was teaching, why the God of the Old Testament seems so different from the god taught in modern churches, what Paul was clearly saying about the law or..

 what is sin?? 
If you want to learn more about the Hebrew Roots movement there are lots of resources online but the New2Torah videos on youtube are some of the most informational we have found.
Start here:
If you want to dig deeper watch this series where he goes step by step through a modern pastors arguments against the Hebrew Roots movement.

Mr Anderson Series

We've seen the cult like behavior first hand from the local purpose driven church movement. Its insanely clear that the Hebrew Roots movement is a far cry from a cult. Its also clear that the modern church is panicking as Truth is making Itself known.
 ...And we have modern pastors calling our Heavenly Father's Law as handed down by Moses in the Torah "false doctrine"?!?!

Goose and I never intended to be part of any movement but the Lord had other plans. He called us down a path and on it we happened to find others who have walked the same path. We have been encouraged to dig deeper into His Word and really look at what othe instructions the Lord has for us in the Torah..
Watch the videos and then do as the gentleman recommends...
"Go home and read your Bible."
In Christ Jesus,
Goose and Gillian 


Friday, January 30, 2015

The 401K

Over the past six weeks we have been working hard to pay our placement agency over $6200 for our dossier fees.
Since the beginning of January our checks from Gooses work were coming in less than we expected making things a bit difficult. We were able to pay the agency the full amount by the end of the six weeks but still our budget was painfully tight.
Looking further into it we discovered that although we had stopped contributions to our 401k after discovering they wouldn't let us access it for our adoptions they went ahead and restarted our contributions (without our permission) in January 1st. Close to $400 went into a 401 rather than into our pocket where it was really needed.
We had decided weeks ago that although Scripture doesn't appear to go against taking money out of our 401k that because the company would consider it a loan its not something we were willing to do. But after they took more money out of our check without our permission that was needed for our adoptions we decided that really all that matters is what the Lord thinks, not the company.
So we took all available funds, not including what he company had contributed, out of Gooses 401k including the $400 that was recently taken from our check. Only the funds that we had contributed were taken out. Meaning we now have $3,000 to send in for our adoptions!! This will go towards the remaining $11,000 or so in adoption expenses and get us ahead on our adoption payments.
We know Ramsey does not approve of taking money out of retirement accounts, even for adoptions, and that's ok. There are other areas where we differ in opinion from Dave. He has more faith in the future of our economy and the stock market than we do. We have other investments planned for our future and we dont plan on trusting in our government nor the economy with our family's financial future.
The Scriptures are clear about what constitutes owing and debt and from what we can see none apply to taking you own money back from an account you yourself own.
If we are wrong we pray the Lord will show us. We certainly have been wrong before and will be again but for now we are thankful that He allowed us to save these funds initially in our 401k and that they can now be used for our adoptions.
Bless all our Brothers and Sister for your continued prayers for our family. Our Heavenly Father is so very good and our goal is to honor Him in all we do.
In His Light and Love ~
Goose and Gillian 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"We Aren't That Good..."

  In Nov 2011 Goose and I had been attending a large local church for a year when we started the process to adopt two children from Haiti. We shared about the process to adopt two special needs children and the overwhelming number of special needs children waiting to be adopted with the membership. People at the church began trying to tell us how good we were..
Our answer was always the same...
"We aren't that good.. You just don't know us well enough yet." 

In November 2012, a year into our adoption process we left that church after learning that is was a "purpose driven" church, meaning they follow the teachings and marketing plan of Rick Warren.  And also due to finding out how much debt they were accumulating in order to build a new building. We also learned later that the church was/is connected to  United Way, well aware of its support of Planned Parenthood.

...Many of the people who just one year prior were calling us good and sharing our story in order to promote their church were now calling us evil for openly discussing our opposition to their kind of "church". 

See when we could be used to promote their church we were "good" to them, when we were speaking truth about things they preferred to be left in the dark they called us "evil".

But see here's the Truth...

This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came to save sinners; of whom I am chief.  1 Timothy 1:5

We really aren't that good. As a matter of fact "we" aren't good at all. We are sinners saved by grace. A work in progress. Only He is good. Any fruit you see that lines up with His Word is all Him and His work in our lives. If you see us at one of those moments when we are falling on our faces that's all us.
Goose and I are far from good... Spend one day with us and you will see us for who we truly are...  Although I firmly believe in submission sometimes the last thing I want to do is submit and daily I fall short of who I want to be as a wife and mother. Occasionally we cuss. Sometimes we drink wine. We listen to 80s hair band love songs and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I have a large beautiful tattoo across my back. We sometimes forget to give it all to Him to try to do it all ourselves.  We can still get into arguments that will sometimes be loud before we ask forgiveness and repent. We can get angry and frustrated. We can know what the Lord wants us to do and resist Him. 

We have no doubts about who we are but we also know who we used to be. Even with all our current shortcomings, we have come so far. We truly aren't where we want to be but He will get us there. We are Blessed though to see just how far we have come.
With those who once called us good then called us evil we didn't receive their accolades and we don't receive their censure.

We know who we are in Christ and we know who we can be without Him. We have a very clear picture of who we currently are and of where He is taking us.

As we look at Scripture we see that truly He is the only one who is good and we are just thankful for every day that we get to read His Word and worship Him.

In Christ Jesus,

Goose and Gillian